Press Release

Lost in America

Rémi Salva is a French photographer from Toulouse. He is currently 25 years old, and just graduated a master in photography in London at SPEOS photography school after under graduating a Bachelor in management and marketing at the Toulouse Business School. During the past two years, he lived in Denver; Colorado; USA, and travel all around America, in the pursuit of all of her hidden treasure. He is fascinated by the natural landscapes, their immensity and the power of mother nature, but also by the human and his abilities to challenge the nature, making those huge buildings and bridges, always longer, higher, bigger… he loves to play with their lines and shapes but also learn their history.

During his journeys, he realized that we do not see all the beauty of the world that surrounding us. When we are in our daily routine, our focus is on our work, our problems, so we don’t even pay attention about the world living. Often tourists will have seen more than you about your own town, because that's the reason why they are here, in opposite, you say to yourself, “I’ve to do that and that; but I’ve plenty of time, so ‘ill do it an other day”




Thru this exhibit, he is hoping to show people a different idea of their daily routine, to show them something they've already seen, but from a different perspective/ angle, as much as making them travel in some world known famous place in all over USA without even leaving the room; but also showing them some (forgotten) places they didn't even hear about. To fulfil this exhibit, in loved with the diversity of this country, he has done a lot of road trips and got lost on purpose. That's especially during those time he found the most incredible things, the unknown, the forgotten and abandoned side; I still remember him telling me: “it was as I was traveling back in time and visiting the glorious America of the 60's-70's”.

American and French cultures are in many points very different, offering this new and different view/travel in USA about their quotidian, but also place they might remember visited; will visit, or never new about might be catchy! It’s a journey in their own country from a new perspective.