Press Release

Photographer Alberto Guglielmi has been a

surfer much of his life. While a successful photographer by

trade, he is always a surfer through and through. Alberto’s

own passion serves as the inspiration for his new portrait

series, entitled “A Surfer’s DNA.” The series will provide a

visual allegory for the change that occurs when someone

becomes a surfer: it doesn’t just affect your life, it becomes

part of your DNA.

A surfer’s relationship to the ocean is

deeply personal; they learn to live in, love, and respect it.

The board becomes an extension of one’s self—the means by

which they make this connection to the water, both

physically and spiritually. Alberto will indicate this by

photographing his exceptional subjects with surfboard fins

placed on the body to symbolize that in or out of the water,

24 hours a day, a surfer’s tie to the ocean is always present.