Monika Jensen is recognized in the art industry as "The celebrity artist". She is nationally and internationally published around the world in several contemporary master books, magazines and has since launched her own book. Monika Jensen’s accomplishments and distinctive style brought her to the Hollywood scene when she represented her work at The Oscars lounge in Los Angeles and was also interviewed for Primetime. Her works have since been shown in art exhibitions around the world.

She is the founder of a new style of painting called Stereographic Dimension. All of her works are one of a kind, original art pieces that explore her unique style using color and a feathering technique to obtain extreme texture.

Each piece is multi layered with oil again and again to create a remarkable surface and takes a period of one year to fully dry.  Her exclusive one of a kind paintings have become most collectable as they are not duplicated and only a handful are created each year.

Contemporary artist, Monika Jensen was born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada after her parents immigrated from Czechoslovakia. She holds an art degree (graduating with honors) from Alberta College of Art as a well as a degree in design from Mount Royal University.  Her art exhibitions include New York, Florida, Italy, California, Toronto, Montreal, Alberta and London.