“Every collection is the beginning of a new journey, with any reference point; interdisciplinary, critical and especially objective development have always persuaded myself to find every way, and let me know the way I was running”.

Attracted by artists of the XX century, Giorgio Kiaris has nothing in common with the web surfers or mixed-media artists who are cutting all the links with the codes and the rules of classic painting.

Indeed, Giorgio Kiaris artwork is tightly linked to natural events and, consequently, his paintings refer to ecological theme such as: the earth, the sea, and even the seasons.  His paintings gather a chromatic energy that enhances their value in a heterogeneous variety of tones and colors. Kiaris creativity is not accidental, but always the fruit of a subtle calculation. “I have been able to find the main balance, thanks to the analysis of these three elements: totality, transformation, and self-regulation. This brings us to a mature choice and the consciousness of who we are”.



A return to purity, beauty and poetry, gives him a satisfied sensation, which leads to an absolute balance of marks and colors in his work; he keeps sowing the seeds and the fruits of intelligence on the canvas. “Now, more than ever, we should look at the nature as we would look at inside ourselves; without her, we would not be who we are”.

Giorgio Kiaris was born in Rome in 1968.  After getting his degree in art, he became Gastone Biggi’s assistant traveling throughout Europe and the States.   He realized several photographic reports with urban theme, architectural and nature. His artwork has been influenced by theatre, music and nature. His last collection “Sinergie” was shown in an important solo exhibition in Milan in February 2012.