....As a Psychologist and as a person I believe that one of biggest issues we have to deal with in our daily life is to try to balance our wellbeing and mental health with our responsibilities, duties.... to try to find our inner balance when things get tough, and we have worries, insecurities, failures....To keep our inner balance trying to accomplish everything, pleasing everyone, always doing our best, keeping up with all the numerous tasks that we have.

I truly believe that we will find happiness in life if we learn how to overcome our fears, if we learn from our failures, if we understand that life is transformation and change and we better enjoy each moment as it lasts.

Day to day, life shapes us, transforms us, and allows us to evolve, as we grow with the hope of finding meaning and joy. When wonderful moments of fulfillment come along our life’s path, we try to hold on to them tightly and capture them so we can fulfill and empower ourselves eternally. However, soon enough we realize that these moments are as fleeting as water streaming through our hands, and they are not meant to last.

It is precisely in tough moments when we need to find the strength to keep our inner balance not matter how, we need to fight to heal our wounds every day and to learn how to be strong enough to stand alone, and brave enough to open ourselves when we need help. The twists and turns along the way give meaning, richness and value to our life.


We need to appreciate the beauty that exists within the imperfections in the ebb and flow of life and peacefully accept this as part of the natural process of living.

My work talks about all of this and it is a way for me to express that we can archive happiness with positive thinking and if we understand that life is imperfect and it is in permanent transformation, that it is precisely what makes it so special. 

Esther Rosa lives and works in Manhattan since 2006. She has had several Solo Shows in NY and she has participated at several group shows in Manhattan and Madrid.

Her work can be seen at a the permanent collection of IESE Business School, New York and is spread around the world at private collections.