Azadeh’s paintings refer to her childhood in Iran and her new life outside its borders. Behind every work of the Puzzling series, you will find a story of destruction and a renewal. Each painting is cut into strips and put back together, like lives from apart yet seemingly rebuilt to mimic normality. Every reconstructed story appears infinitely more complex, sturdy and intriguing yet… holding secrets, which are more fragile than before.

Strongly marked by connections, encounters and separation, each painting in Crossroads series is composed of multiple layers of colored lines some barely visible, others dominant, some continuous, others abruptly cut off. They represent people and lives that intersect, connect, enrich each other or fade away.


Azadeh was born in Iran. Studied at Brown University & INSEAD. She currently lives in London.  Her work has been exhibited in Basel, Frankfurt, London, L.A., NY, Paris, and Tehran.